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Our Mission & Culture

We are a student-run consulting group offering pro-bono project work to both for-profit and nonprofit organizations in the Buffalo area while building the next generation of consultants in the UB MBA program.

Our consultants have a strong desire to invest in our communities’ organizations. We strive to improve our clients’ businesses by working closely with them to maximize their resources and potential.

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Our Guiding Principles:


We operate in a competent manner, understanding the needs of today’s businesses and responding appropriately while adhering to high standards of success.


We take on every project with the understanding that we have the opportunity to make a difference.


We follow through on all of our commitments in an ethical manner and have the dedication to see our work through to the end.


We respect the sensitive nature of the work we engage in and  maintain the utmost privacy in order to complete our work.


We put to use the newest and most advanced technology, resources, and skills to constantly create new ideas and solutions that will make a difference.


We realize that our communities are our responsibility and we want to be involved in growing our local economy and initiating positive change.

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