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Our Founding Alumni

FARZAD JALIL MBA 2011 – Finance (B.A. – Applied Mathematics; M.S. – Education)

Farzad is the former president and founder of the group, and has a background in education and restaurant management. He completed his MBA internship at National Fuel Gas Company and excels at data modeling, financial analysis, and operational management. Farzad was also the president of UB’s student chapter of the Turnaround Management Association (TMA).

​CHRIS BALON MBA 2011 – Finance (B.S. – Business Administration)

Chris has experience in the financial services industry, strategic planning, and project management for non-profit organizations. He completed his MBA internships at Target, and HSBC. Chris is also a Board Member on the Hilbert College Alumni Association Board.

NICOL BATCHELLOR MBA 2011 – Workforce Management (B.S. – Industrial Psychology)

Nicol specializes in human resources and has experience with recruitment, selection, SMART goal setting, workplace diversity, team building, and grant writing. She completed her MBA internship at VWR International.

JOEL BEATTY M.D., MBA/MBH 2011 – Health Services Administration (B.S. - Psychology, M.D.)

Joel is a practicing physician with experience in multiple aspects of the health services industry. His current work includes business development for the pharmaceuticals industry.

PATRICK FLEMING MBA 2011 – Marketing, Supply Chain Management (B.S. - Mechanical Engineering)

Patrick has experience with market research and international business development. He completed his MBA internship at Katz Americas, and is especially competent with data analysis, and business strategy.

INGMAR HAFFKE MBA 2011 – Finance, Consulting (B.S./M.S. – Electical Engineering)

Ingmar is concurrently pursuing an MBA and an M.S. in electrical engineering at the Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany. He completed his MBA internship at HSBC, and is experienced in international business and data modeling.

BRIAND MCDIVITT MBA 2011 – Finance, Consulting (B.S. – Business Admin./History/Political Science)

Brian specializes in finance and investing. He completed his MBA internship at Edward Jones, and is skilled in data modeling, and statistics.

MARTA NYESO MBA 2011 - Finance, International Management (B.S. Economics and Tourism)

Marta has a background in management consulting, having worked for Horváth & Partners in Romania. Now specializing in finance, she completed her MBA internship at ESG Elektroniksystem und Logistik in Germany.

DAVID SAUNDERS MBA 2012 - Supply Chain Management (Information Technology / Military Science)

David is working for Crisis Services Inc. as Strategic Planning Assistant.  His previous work experience include 7 years as an Army Aviation Officer, gaining valuable experience in leadership, management, and logistics.

TURNER GUTMANN MBA 2012 - Marketing

Turner was president of Graduate Management Association and is working as a product development analyst at Life Technologies. His previous work experience includes 4 years web marketing and PR management at Beike Biotechnology in China and IPL International. Turner is certified in SEO and Google Adwords.

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