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2022-2023 Executive Board


MBA 2023

Alex is a second-year MBA student concentrating in  Analytics, Consulting and Marketing.


A Buffalo native, Alex is passionate about giving back to the community that raised him. A lifetime baseball player, he has always had a passion for leadership and teamwork. He enjoys tackling the challenge of solving problems and helping others in doing so. Alex's experience in Project Management and Consulting offer him the skills needed to take on the challenge of leading. He also has a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration and Marketing from SUNY Brockport.

As President of the MBA Consulting Group, Alex's primary focus is on the strategic alignment of the group. His goal is to make the group a place where the most driven MBA students are challenged to grow personally and professionally through experiential learning projects in the Buffalo community.

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Vice President & Director of Operations

MBA 2023

Adam is a second year MBA student concentrating in Analytics and Consulting.


A self-proclaimed "Excel Expert", Adam loves to work with Data, Statistics, and Excel. His BA in Media Production aids greatly in data visualization and gives a creative touch to displaying data. He's worked in 4 different countries teaching English, even spending time in Shanghai, China! During his MBA, he has taken a great interest in helping the Buffalo community make data-informed decisions with his consulting work.


As VP & Director of Operations, Adam is focused on facilitating external partnerships with Buffalo businesses, maintaining alumni relations, and overseeing the project pipeline for the group. 

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Director of Learning & Development

MBA 2023

Paiyam is a second-year UB MBA student concentrating in Consulting and Finance.

A hard worker, Paiyam wants to create a ceiling as high as possible for those around him and himself. He dedicates himself to the team around him and his employers. He is a highly analytical, detail-oriented, thorough, collaborative and team-oriented individual who enjoys finding the grey in black & white situations. Paiyam also has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from SUNY Oneonta which helps him identify market trends to analyze financial decision-making and reduce risk.

As Director of Learning & Development, Paiyam aspires to create opportunities for continuous education among the University at Buffalo club members.

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Shannon Alexander

Director of Marketing & Recruitment

MBA 2023

Shannon is a second-year MBA student concentrating in Marketing and Consulting.

Hailing from Buffalo, NY, Shannon has over eight years of professional work experience. Her unique background as a musician has taught her to be an adaptable and creative problem-solver and has fine-tuned her collaboration skills and attention to detail.

As Director of Marketing & Recruitment, Shannon hopes to create value for the Buffalo community and the University by further developing the group's brand awareness and recruiting top-tier MBA talent to the group.

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Director of Finance & Special Events

MBA 2023

Sally is a second-year MBA student concentrating in Analytics, Finance and Consulting.

As Director of Finance & Special Events, Sally raises money for the group through fundraising events. Her fundraising efforts make our UBMCG team building weekends possible. She aims to enhance group members' experiences through special events.

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